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Spider vein is a condition that affects very many people, probably millions all over the world. Removal of these spider veins used to be a very tedious and difficult process. In the past, it could only be treated using the traditional surgery method and there was no any other option. Nowadays, new and fresh methods of removing the spider veins have been discovered. The methods of 1930’s have since been wiped away by the new innovations which have been brought by spider viens surgeons in Pomona.

What Causes Spider Veins?

The spider vein condition cause has not yet been established, but it is at times assumed to be a genetic condition. It could also be linked to important body parts which require large amounts of hormone during growth such as during puberty. Obesity, as well as direct exposure of light skin to direct sunlight, are also some of the factors linked to spider veins.

The spider vein condition is often confused with a more complicated condition known as varicose veins. The varicose veins mostly affect larger veins. The two conditions are linked to each other, which means you have to give priority to treatment of spider veins to avoid the risk of getting varicose veins.

Treatment Of Veins

Treatment of spider vein removal Pomona cost could be hectic. First of all, people experiencing painful spider veins usually try mitigating the pain by using some painkillers such as ibuprofen or aspirin. They could also wear socks for compression in order to stimulate the flow of blood. Both of these conditions do not provide an ultimate solution. A permanent solution is therefore needed. There are several proven methods that that help in removing spider vein permanently, the first one being sclerotherapy in Pomona CA. This method of spider vein removal was discovered in the 1930s and involves the injection of the affected veins with a certain liquid. It acts by irritating the veins, causing them to clump together to initiate a blood clot in the affected areas. It is then left over a certain period of time for a scar tissue to form, and finally causing the vein to fade away.

Sclerotherapy And Its Side Effects

Sclerotherapy which is regarded as spider viens surgery in Pomona CA have a success rate of removing spider vein which is around 80-90%. It could take weeks or even months to complete this therapy. Larger veins which have been affected necessitate multiple therapy procedures as they may be reluctant to fading. Some of the side effects of sclerotherapy include minimal bruising, temporary pain and little ulcers. The side effects are minimal, but on a few patients, small groups of red blood vessels appear at the point of needle insertion. They are often left to disappear by themselves, but if they fail to, they could require a therapy of their own for removal.

Use Of Laser And Hybrid For Treatment Of Spider Vein

Spider veins commonly occur on the face, in which laser treatment is used. There are various types of laser treatments which include long-pulsed, variable pulsed, and pulsed dye among many others. Non-laser intense pulsed has also been useful. Laser treatment kills the spider vein through destroying haemoglobin blood. Since different types of skins require lasers of different types, your dermatologist will advise on which kind of treatment can be used on you. Hybrid treatment is also available, in which the sclerotherapy liquid is moved through the vein by ultrasound. Vein specialist in Pomona are nowadays available to treat you from anywhere.

You can choose from the different methods of spider vein removal available. Although Sclerotherapy is still used effectively today, the satisfaction rate and availability of laser treatment have overtaken its use. Based on your budget and preferences, you are at liberty to use the vein treatment method that suits you best.


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