Best Appliance Repair Service In Wildomar

Wildomar Appliance Repair
Address: Wildomar, CA 92595
Phone:(951) 327-2113

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I left the companies info above in case anyone needs a appliance repair Wildomar. These guys were amazing and didn’t even charge me to fix my dishwasher. I know this sounds crazy but it is true, which is why I thought I would share this info for anyone living in Wildomar, Murrieta, California area. So here is my story of how Wildomar Appliance Repair was so generous. I recently just moved in to my new home here. I was really low on cash with all the money that goes into purchasing a new home. Not to mention all the money you spend on home decor stuff to make the home feel like your home. I knew the first couple months would be tight financially but didn’t expect new appliances in my home to stop working! It didn’t stop working but my dishwasher was leaking water every time it was running. I checked the bottom and even opened the little bottom panel but couldn’t figure out why it was leaking. I really had no idea what I was looking for but I’m the kind of person who likes to open things. Sometimes I am successful but this time not so much. I called Wildomar Appliance Repair and when the technician came out he opened the dishwasher door found a flap that wasn’t placed properly.

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